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EaseMyDeal Partners with LendBox to launch P2P Investment on its App at Flat 10% p.a.

EaseMyDeal has launched its Peer to Peer Lending Product Profit++ in partnership with Lend box, RBI registered P2P licensed NBFC in India, designed to get you returns at Flat 10% per annum.

EaseMyDeal has made the process of investments very easy, transparent, and fast by introducing Proft++ as a New Online Product on their App that gives lenders convenience, flexibility, and choice while investing. Members can put in between Rs 1000 to Rs 1000000 in 2 Mins and that too Commission free. One can request withdrawal in just a click, partially or in full at any time with no penalty and earn interest for the Period of time Money Invested. The Withdrawal Process is completely online and Money with interest gets credited to Customer’s Account within one working day. Withdrawal is essential here; Investments interest income is not reinvested and the interest is calculated on Daily basis.

What is Profit++?

Profit++ is a P2P Investment Product that has been launched by EaseMyDeal. Members who participate in Profit++ can earn Inflation beating Interest rate which is any day higher than traditional methods like Bank Fixed Deposits.

Profit++ is a Platform to invest Money, where People can invest their Money with Lend Box, an RBI Registered P2P NBFC takes the charge where it does Strong Borrower Screening across 200 parameters, diversify across range of Investment Products to minimise the associated risks, Lend Box assigns Wealth Managers to Investors to understand the Products and build a Strong Portfolio.

Who can use Profit++?

Anyone who is interested in making Investments in P2P Lending can use Profit++ and start making Investments in Profit++.

What is Peer to Peer Lending?

Peer to Peer Lending, also known as P2P Lending, is a financial innovation that connects Verified Borrowers (needs Unsecured Loans) with Investors (Lend Money to earn higher Interest). P2P NBFC’s provide a Market Place where Eligible Borrowers and Willing Lenders can transact.

Other Product that will be rolled out in Future in EaseMyDeal in Peer to Peer Lending is Fixed Deposit where People can deposit their Money but for a stipulated period and can only withdraw after that Period expires but with a higher rate of interest. You will get better returns up to 12% investing in Fixed Deposits and people can even invest their money in EaseMyDeal Digital Gold and Silver in order to get better returns.

For Better Investment Portfolio, it is always recommended that people should invest in small portions in various P2P Lending Apps, Digital Gold, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits and many more. Diversifying Portfolio makes one with lesser risks and higher returns.

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