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UNITED SIKHS appoints Bruce Lee’s world record-breaker Kuwar Amritbir Singh as fitness icon

Chandigarh December 28, 2023. UNITED SIKHS appointed fitness icon Kuwar Amritbir Singh, who recently broke Bruce Lee’s Guiness World record, as its fitness icon to motivate youths in Punjab to adopt fitness, health and wellness lifestyle.

Kuwar Amritbir Singh, who is quickly gaining his popularity amongst youths in Punjab recently broke the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee’s Guinness World record for the most pushups in a minute, where he

outperformed Lee’s record by completing an astounding 86 pushups within

a minute.

Noteworthy is the fact that these remarkable accomplishments were achieved within the confines of his home, without the aid of gymnasiums or advanced training equipment, predominantly relying on body-weight training.

Devinder Singh, Secretary, UNITED SIKHS India said he was impressed by Kuwar Amritbir Singh’s dedication for fitness as well as his commitment to motivate youths to break free from drug addiction and adopt a fitness, health and wellness lifestyle. UNITED SIKHS would support Singh for a wider and effective outreach to convince youths to give up drugs and adopt a lifestyle of fitness and health.

Daljit Singh, UNITED SIKHS Executive Director, emphasized the organization’s steadfast commitment over the past 25 years to safeguarding the interests of the Sikh community and advocating for the rights of underprivileged and marginalized sections of society. This collaborative effort with Kuwar Amritbir Singh marks another stride in UNITED SIKHS’ enduring mission towards positive societal change.

The decision to enlist Singh as the fitness icon aligns with UNITED SIKHS’ ongoing commitment to address the drug epidemic in the region. During his felicitation, Singh expressed gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to

the organization’s vision of a drug-free Punjab. “With the support of UNITED SIKHS, I have successfully established nine fitness centers withinva span of a couple of months,” he said. He passionately motivates youths to adopt fitness as a lifestyle choice, steering them away from the dangerous path of drug addiction, and approximately 170 young individuals have already joined this transformative campaign, he said.

In a heartening development, he highlighted the rehabilitation of four formerly addicted youths as a tangible outcome of the initiative. Citing the

sensitivity of the issue, he refrained from revealing their identities to protect them from potential stigma and ensure a promising future.

Thanking supporters and donors, he appealed to the people of Punjab to join UNITED SIKHS in the endeavor to eradicate drugs

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