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Years after his death, Diego Maradona is exonerated by an Italian court of tax evasion

<p>The late soccer icon Diego Maradona of Argentina was exonerated of tax evasion accusations by Italy’s highest court, bringing an end to a 30-year legal fight between the former Napoli striker and revenue officials.</p>
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<p>Known as “El Pibe de Oro,” or the Golden Foot, Maradona was charged of avoiding paying legal expenses by using Liechtenstein-based proxy firms while collecting money from the Napoli team for the rights to his own image between 1985 and 1990.</p>
<p>Angelo Pisani, Maradona’s attorney, told Reuters, “It is over and I can clearly state without fear of being contradicted that Maradona has never been a tax evader.”</p>
<p>A 2018 ruling was reversed by Rome’s Court of Cassation in mid-December, according to a court document that was made public on Wednesday and reviewed by Reuters.</p>
<p>Maradona passed away following a heart attack in November 2020. The Argentine national team and Napoli supporters revered him as the “god of football.”</p>
<p>Beginning in the early 1990s, the football player’s tax payments were the subject of investigations that led to charges of 37 million euros ($40.38 million) and the seizure of some of the player’s possessions while he was in Italy.</p>
<p>The ultimate decision “does justice to fans, to the values of sport, but mostly to the memory of Maradona,” Pisani said.</p>
<p>He said, “It lays a gravestone on a persecution that he endured for thirty years.”</p>
<p>According to Pisani, “the heirs now have a legal right to claim damages.” “I hope they use it as a way to honor their father.”</p>

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