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Dholera Metro City Group’s Strong Dedication to Security, Legality, and Transparency

Dholera Metro City Group is one of the largest real estate companies in Gujarat and plays a key role in developing Dholera Smart City. Their dedication and commitment have made them a well-known brand in the Dholera real estate scene. The development of this new city will open up many job opportunities and contribute to boosting the country’s economy.

Founded in 2010, Dholera Metro City Group has gained a lot of experience in real estate. The group was created to serve the specific needs of people wanting to invest in residential, industrial, and commercial, making sure they get good returns on their investments.

Dholera Metro City Group is approved by RERA, showcasing their dedication to regulatory compliance and transparency. With a successful track record of completing over 11 plus projects at Dholera Smart City, they have consistently delivered quality, fulfilling commitments to the community. Right now, the company is working on many residential, industrial, and commercial projects at Dholera SIR. They are building things like bungalows and villas. They are also bringing together pieces of land for businesses, homes, and industries. These areas have easy access to 6-lane express highways, an international airport, and metro railway lines. You can get from Ahmedabad to Dholera in just 50 minutes. It is seen as a modern and advanced place in Gujarat, offering high-quality places to live, work, and do business.

Dholera Metro City Group’s commitment to excellence is evident through its adherence to best business practices, business ethics, and innovative solutions. This commitment extends to achieving world-class standards and providing a transparent and secure environment for stakeholders.

The group’s primary objective is to create value for its investors by ensuring a steady appreciation and returns for their hard-earned money. This commitment is reflected in every facet of their operations, from project inception to completion.

Dholera Metro City Group has Investors from all the states of India and many countries across the world.

The group boasts notable strengths, including trademark ownership, ISO certification, and government approval. Additionally, being a member of DSDA, Keller Williams, NAR INDIA, and MLS highlights their global presence and network, attracting investors worldwide.

The mission of the Dholera Metro City Group is clear: to create value for investors and ensure a steady return on their hard-earned money. This mission aligns with their commitment to using innovative solutions and best business practices.

Dholera Metro City Group proudly acknowledges that their esteemed investors are officers of renowned companies such as Tata Power, Honeywell, Ford, Tata Motors, DLF, BCCI, IPL, Apollo, Adani Power, and more. This diverse investor base like Navy, Airforce officers, CA, lawyers, Doctors, Government officers, CEOs, MDs, etc. reflects trust and confidence in their projects. This diverse community reflects the group’s commitment to delivering value and ensuring a positive investment experience.

Dholera Metro City Group has a high 4.7 Google review rating, 4.8M+ YouTube views, 16,000+ Facebook followers, and over 40 lakh website visitors. They have served 7000+ families, and their website is number 1 on Google searches. With 500+ global investors, their success comes from caring for investors, building relationships, and giving expert advice. They are a trusted name in real estate!

In the dynamic world of real estate, Dholera Metro City Group emerges as a visionary force, blending experience, commitment, and innovation. As they continue to diversify and shape the landscape of the Indian real estate market, their focus on creating premier lifestyles and developing marvels stands as a testament to a new age in real estate. Welcome to Dholera Special Investment Region, where ambition meets excellence in every project undertaken by the DMC Group.


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