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Chandigarh loses the badminton match

<p>At the Sector 42 Sports Complex, the Regional Sports Board (RSB) Indore women’s team defeated Telangana 2-0 on the first day of the All-India Civil Services Badminton Tournament. Madhya Pradesh beat Chandigarh, Central Secretariat Assam defeated Assam by the same score of 2-0, and Chhattisgarh triumphed against Maharashtra.</p>
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<p>In the men’s team competition, Chhattisgarh beat Himachal Pradesh 3-0 with relative ease. With a 3-0 victory against Telangana, Uttarakhand advanced as well. RSB Chennai defeated NCT Delhi 3-0 as well.</p>
<p>Other one-sided games were RSB Jharkhand’s victory over RSB Kochi, Gujarat’s victory over Bihar, RSB Dehradun’s victory over Maharashtra, RSB Patna’s victory over Puducherry, and RSB Shimla’s identical 3-0 victory over RSB Kanpur.</p>
<p>The competition is being held under men and women (teams, singles, doubles, mixed doubles) divisions, with up to 40 teams in the men’s category and 30 in the women’s category. In the veteran category, males will play in the 45+ and 55+ age groups, while women will participate in the 40+ and 55+ categories.</p>

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