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Inaugural Exhibition from the Tuli Research Centre for India Studies


Do not miss the Self-Discovery via Rediscovering India from 15th to 30th March 2024 at the India International Centre Gallery, Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi

The Tuli Research Centre for India Studies’ inaugural exhibition – Self-Discovery via Rediscovering India presents the vision and select highlights of the vast domain of India Studies through original and digitised artworks, artefacts, archives, and memorabilia from the Tuli Research Centre of India Studies (T.R.I.S.) founded by Neville Tuli.

This Exhibition primarily focuses on the fields of Indian and World Cinema, Modern and Contemporary Fine and Popular Arts & Crafts, Photography, Architectural Heritage, Animal Welfare, Ecological Studies, and the Social Sciences.

Hundreds of research materials and art works are coherently integrated into an exhibition space which tries to express the vast and chaotic energy and rhythms so grasping the soul of one of the world’s greatest civilizations, where six thousand years are still clearly living and breathing in the modern and contemporary.

This Inaugural Exhibition draws on materials belonging to a single vision and collection that positions the contemporary as a living form of the ancient-medieval-modern continuum.

After a three-decade long pioneering journey and sustained search dedicated to the building of cultural institutions and their infrastructure in India, Neville Tuli will publicly share his knowledge and learning-base rooted in the arts, cinema, and their related disciplines, which finally becomes available online and offline to the world with the launch of the Research Centre and its website.

The Archives and Library which are the backbone of this Research Centre will be introduced to India through exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and conferences over the next three months, opening out a conceptual framework and curricula for the first of its kind three-year undergraduate programme for Contemporary India Studies across the world.

The critical need to meaningfully reach the arts and culture to the masses and public, not just the elite and aspirational, must be taken to the next level. Creating an India Studies educational framework is the ideal way to take this vision forward.

“The exhibition introduces one’s vision to reach out freely step by step, wide and deep, to our people, and carry to them a holistic glimpse into the heart, mind and soul of India. It is structured on three levels – the physical object, the archives, and the digital formats – and rooted within the ground and context of sixteen Research Categories which structure the India Studies framework, which my thirty years of understanding India at both theoretical and practical levels has evolved” states Neville Tuli.

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