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Yolo247 Experiences 20% Surge in Consumer Base Recently

India, 22nd April, 2024: Yolo247, a leading online gaming platform, is thrilled to announce its active contribution to sports sponsorships with several recent exciting collaborations. These strategic partnerships underline Yolo247’s commitment to supporting sports and enhancing the overall gaming and entertainment experience for its users. It is evident in the 20% surge of the consumer base as well. 


Yolo247 is excited to be part of some of the most exciting cricketing events around the globe. 


Principal Sponsor of Dubai Capitals, ILT20


•  As the official sponsor of the ILT20 Dubai Capitals franchise, the Company is eagerly anticipating the involvement in this highly anticipated cricketing extravaganza. 


•  This collaboration provides an excellent opportunity for Yolo247 to engage with cricket enthusiasts worldwide and strengthen their presence in the sports arena.


Principal Partner of Los Angeles Knight Riders, MLC 


•  Yolo247 is honored to be the principal partner for the LAKR in MLC event. This thrilling cricket tournament promises to captivate audiences with its high-octane matches. 


•  Our partnership reflects Yolo247’s dedication to supporting sporting endeavors and offering our users exciting gaming experiences inspired by real-world events.


Sponsorship of Bilateral Cricketing Events


•  Furthermore, Yolo247’s sponsorship of India vs. Ireland cricket series signifies the commitment to promoting bilateral cricketing engagements and fostering camaraderie among fans. 


•  Through this collaboration, Yolo247 aims to elevate the excitement surrounding the series and provide our users with immersive gaming experiences centered around these thrilling matches.


Expanding the Company’s footprint in the cricketing world, Yolo247 is delighted to announce a new sponsorship of the Sri Lanka vs. Afghanistan series. This partnership underscores the dedication to supporting cricketing events of international significance and offering the users a diverse range of gaming opportunities.


By venturing into sports sponsorships, Yolo247 aims to create synergies between sports and gaming, offering its users unique experiences that blend the excitement of sports with the thrill of gaming. These collaborations represent an exciting chapter in Yolo247’s journey, as it continues to innovate and expand its offerings to cater to the diverse interests of its user base. 


On top of all these collaborations, Yolo247 has a bunch of mega rewards for IPL: a generous 400% welcome offer for all users, a 7% refill offer for all redeposits, daily rewards, weekly giveaways and cashback. IPL is getting bigger on Yolo247 every year.

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