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Tradeomatic collaborates with Shivaji Satam & Puja Banerjee, showcasing its international brands TokiBaby and TokiHealth

MUMBAI, Tradeomatic, a leading provider of high-quality hygiene products, concluded a successful year with exciting developments. The company welcomed renowned Indian celebrity Mr. Shivaji Satam and popular actress Puja Banerjee on board. They recently collaborated with them for an exclusive advertising shoot, showcasing Tradeomatic’s range of ultra-thin and lightweight adult and baby pull-up diapers, highlighting their superior quality and comfort, making them ideal for summer.

In addition,Tradeomatic participated in the Nepal Medical Expo 2024, where they received an overwhelming response, making it a resounding success. The event further solidified Tradeomatic’s position as a key player in the hygiene industry, showcasing its commitment to excellence, innovative products, and the future of comfort.

The ultra-thin and lightweight design of an international brand TokiBaby’s baby pull-up diapers and TokiHealth’s adult pull-up diapers, makes them ideal for hot summer days. Offering maximum comfort and flexibility, they keep users cool and dry without any bulkiness. Crafted from high-quality materials, these diapers are gentle on the skin, catering to all skin types, including sensitive skin. Tradeomatic’s products are available online on Amazon, Flipkart, JioMart, and Tata 1mg, offering convenience and accessibility to customers across India.

Mr. Shivaji Satam, known for his iconic role in the television series “CID,” brings his credibility and popularity to Tradeomatic, enhancing the brand’s visibility and appeal. Puja Banerjee, a well-known actress, adds her charm and influence to the brand, resonating with a wide audience.

Tradeomatic’s collaboration with Mr. Shivaji Satam and Puja Banerjee reflects its commitment to aligning with individuals who embody its values of quality, trust, and excellence. As Tradeomatic looks towards the future, it remains dedicated to providing top-notch hygiene products and setting new standards for the industry.

Tradeomatic’s Founder & Director, Mr. Sunny Pawar, expressed his gratitude to all who contributed to the company’s success in the past year and looked forward to continued growth and success in the future. With its innovative products, commitment to quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction, Tradeomatic remains at the forefront of the hygiene industry, setting new standards.

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