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Motivational Speaker Dr Vivek Bindra Leads Charge to Turn Startups into IPO Success Stories!

For the last few years, the Government of India has been working to promote business startups across the country. Before the year 2014, no one had heard the name of startup in the country. “Startup India” program was officially launched by the Government of India in the year 2016. Before 2014, there used to be only 350 to 400 startups in India, but today around 1.14 lakh startups are registered in the records of the Government of India.

Every startup company dreams of scaling up and getting their company listed in the stock market by becoming an IPO. But it is a bit difficult to do this because due to lack of guidance, 9 out of 10 startups are not able to progress and are already closed. The second problem that arises is that the company does not have the right information and resources to become an IPO.Due to these two problems, no new startup is able to make it to the IPO stage.

What is IPO?

Here now let us also understand what IPO is. IPO means “Initial Public Offering”, any private company is run by some shareholders together, but when these companies need capital then the companies list themselves in the stock market, the most effective way of which is IPO issuance is ongoing. In the IPO that companies bring to get listed in the stock market, investors as well as the general public can buy shares of that company. After which, it is not only the owner and investors of the company but also all the owners who buy the shares of the company. These shares are listed on stock exchanges like BSE and NSE and can be easily bought and sold.

Dr Bindra has brought a special program to help startups make IPO

Dr Vivek Bindra has been providing business coaching and guidance to startup entrepreneurs in India for many years. Dr Bindra is starting a special program to help companies grow as startups and make them IPO listed companies. Under this program, 100 MSME companies will be selected and they will be guided and supported in every way to take them to the IPO level. No company needs crores of revenue or investment to become an IPO, even a small budget MSME company can become an IPO.

In this program all these 100 companies will be provided with funding, tech, and all types of support related to marketing for the next upcoming 30 months.In which companies will be given guidance from Dr Vivek Bindra along with other experts. A roadmap of 30 months will be prepared for the companies to make IPO and the companies will be listed in the stock market.

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